to inquire prices, hi res images, commissions and commercial work, etc write to:  pacolli (at) gmail.com

for zines, shirts, stickers and other goodies go to High In the Bay

Here’s a short and sweet interview with me, it’s from 2010 but it’s all good



Fundraising show for a cat with cancer in San Francisco (September, 2013)

Bendgy Pop Up Show in Sao Paulo, Brasil (October, 2013)

Group show at Double Punch in San Francisco (November, 2013)

Group show in San Francisco – more infos soon. (December, 2013)



- Group show at New Image Art Gallery in LA (June, 2013)

- Needles and Pens 10 year anniversary group show at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco (May, 2013)


  • Post-It show at Giant Robot, Los Angeles (December 2012)
  •  Group show @ Think Tank (LA) opens July 12th
  • Group show @ Good Press Gallery (Glasgow, UK), September
  • “Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing” group show curated by John Trippe @ FFDG (aka Fecal Face Gallery) San Francisco, CA (April 20th-May 12th)


  • “Post It Show 7″ curated by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, Giant Robot (Los Angeles, CA-USA)
  •  “Dream Team” curated by Pacolli + installation with Mildred, Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •  “All the umbrellas in London” mini solo show @ Pictures On Walls (London, UK)
  •  “Lady Comix Art” curated by Esther Pearl Watson, Webb Gallery (Waxahachie,TX- USA )
  •  “Monster Show 6″ Domy (Houston, TX- USA)
  • “Sharing”, Wonder Fair Gallery (Lawrence,KA USA)
  • “Here We Go” + installation,  Lopo Gallery (San Francisco,CA- USA)
  •  “Coletiva 2011″ + site specific, Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Foreign Affairs”, AR4T Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA – USA)
  • “Speaking in Puns” Wix Gallery (San Francisco,CA- USA)
  • “Happily Ever After”, Together Gallery (Portland, OR)
  • “Force Fields”, The Church (San Monica,CA)
  • “Family Quilt 3″, Together Gallery (Portland,OR )


  • “We Ride At Night” curated by Jason Vivona, Heist Gallery (San Francisco, CA-USA)
  • “SPXSF” curated by Pacolli + installation, Needles and Pens (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Day and Night”, Lower Haters (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Hello Sweden”, Krets Gallery (Malmo, Sweden)
  • “We Are Us” duo show with Mildred, Lower Haters (San Francisco, CA)
  • “111″, 111 Minna (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Volcom Featured Artists”, +Soma (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Post It Show 6″ curated by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, Giant Robot (Los Angeles, CA- USA)


  • “MDC Lab#01″ + site specific, curated by Stephan Doitschinoff (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Art Trek 6″ curated by Ephameron, Galerie Mekanik (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • “Human Pyramids” curated by Hovin Hang, Ghetto Gloss (Los Angeles, CA- USA)


  • “Sarah Magazine exhibit and auction” curated by Ephameron, Action Fields (Brussels, Belgium)
  • “The 85 cat fundraiser”, 85 Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium)


  • “Fashion Show” , 85 Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium)
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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. nIce work, you met my friend billy the other week. He told me about your stuff, very NICE!

  3. Thank for the link Pacolli!

  4. absolutely great! :)

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