super magnetism flowing free

i totally believe in super powers. i’m guided by the vibes that inspire me, i’m the kind of person who travels alone a thousand miles to a concert. music makes me want to get my lazy ass of the chair and go, i’m very lucky  for all the concerts i have seen already.

this time i went to brussels for the casiotone for the painfully alone concert, it was in a lovely place by the canal called la compilotheque. i found out that this place is like the vendinha aka bendgy aka the “party” i organize monthly in sao paulo. it’s crazy, the concert i came to see brought me to the people i needed to meet in brussels. just all the right people :)

the vibe was really nice, people were friendly and the sun was still on until almost 10pm. it’s summer alright, i’m having my second summer this year (it’s winter in brazil now and i’m in europe) maybe it’s because last year i had two winters. anyway, i was thrilled to be there. i made fan art to hand it to owen aka cftpa, i had screenprinted a casiotone sk-1 back in 2006 to give to him in a concert in france  i ended up not being able to go but i kept it for all this years and before leaving my apartment in sao paulo i knew about it. i knew i was going to brussels alone to see cftpa, it was something that kept me going. motivation and magnetism!

the concert was amazing, much more than i expected! i was emotional, i think everyone got emotional there too. and this is europe i haven’t seen much people showing their feelings that much. somehow everything made sense, this crazy long trip alone made so much sense! i’m no good with words, i can’t put it how special it was. i made some videos though…

there’s more of these special moments on my youtube.  long life to la compilotheque! long life for the painfully alone! <3


3 responses to “super magnetism flowing free

  1. Being alone we have to meet ourselves! It can be enjoyable, but if I stay alone too long I start wondering if it’s real.

  2. i enjoy being alone, specially travelling alone, but the thing i miss the most is sharing all the cool stuf i see with people i like. still it’s pretty cool :P

  3. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.

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