Volcom Feature Artist



hey hey, now i’m part of the Volcom Feature Artist project! yay!

we made this poster/portfolio the week before i was leaving Sao Paulo. It’s great to have a cool portfolio sponsored (thanks Volcom Brazil awesome crew) to give away to people i meet during my trip. I have meet awesome artists along the way and it’s cool to trade stuff like that with handmade stickers and stuff.

If you meet me around and want one of those just say “High! i want a poster” and i’ll give it to you. Or if you’re around Belgium you might find it in the cool spots i left (mekanik strip, mr ego, montana gallery, etc).

oh, and here’s the other part. it looks like a little book when it’s folded.

volcom feature artist: pacolli

volcom feature artist: pacolli


One response to “Volcom Feature Artist

  1. Oi Pacolli,

    Achei seu blog pelo facebook. Adorei o poster e os posts!


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