my buddy samuel visited and took pics

it’s hard to focus on drawing when i’m in sao paulo, even screen printing is not exciting as it used to be. even this blog is more random and weird. i’m still organizing concerts at my ol dad/grandma’s empty house, good music going on there but people are still not interested in stuff, like all sorts of stuff. not just my art it’s like people just go for the beer and to see other people, they’re shallow. i can have a decent conversation sometimes but mostly working at the bar it’s always the same. i miss my bf i hate it here, my place is a mess and if only i could draw but not even that. people are asking me to be on their zines, that’s nice! i’ve been djing at bars and clubs sometimes to make some extra cash to get outta here. working hard, working hard… better go back to making tags and pack stuff to send to needles and pens and to the few people that bought my zine, tomorrow is post office day to me. bye!

listen to this podcast, it’s pretty neat. it’s actually the reason i made this post but i lost focus.


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