MILDRED’s prints and shirts

hey! recently i printed some t-shirts and posters with some MILDRED art on it! i’m working hard to save money to move to san francisco, i’m done with lonely stressful sao paulo. so my boyfriend let me print stuff with his art to help making some money.

that’s a romantic cause and it’s like really sweet art and affordable! ;-)

mildred's poster, size A3 $25 (paypal only)

Mildred's poster , size A4 $15 (paypal only)

Mildred's shirt $15 available in gray or white S,M,L : )


2 responses to “MILDRED’s prints and shirts

  1. hey how do i order one of the t shirts>? they look great love all the art! by the way

    • im gonna check if i still have shirts here, i’m sure he still have some with other design. try contact him mildred_art(at) thanks!

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