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os mutantes

this is noamigoland. saudades dos meus amigos. precisava de um agora.


last chance kids, the book?mmm… i guess we can call it a big zine

inside news

finally finishing editing the book, i changed  almost everything. coming soon, free from me and volcom to you!

ten magazine

my friend sent me this, i don’t keep track of my stuff that much and i had no clue it was gonna be in a magazine. but oh well, yeah there it is. the photos and the interview happened when converse made a video about me last year.

i miss having a drum set!

damn why did i ever wanted to get older, playing drums in the bedroom all day is the shit!

they stick, they stinck and they’re siiiiick

this is one of the most exciting things i did recently. i had a blast making the stinckers!? it made me want to draw more! i have some sheets available, if you’re interested send me a message or something ;)

i remember the fist time i saw the stinckers machine at giant robot i got like 5 stinkers and i wanted them all! anyway, Mats!? and Steve Weissman are the men behind the Stinckers, they rule big time! so many awesome cartoonists have made Stinckers, you can check out the magic on their blog.

art fart

i think it’s annoying the way people in san francisco like to say that they LOVE art so much they’re gonna come in their pants and there was only 30 people at the booksmith for the dan clowes signing last month. i don’t get it. i can only think of 2 possibilities: a) people think comics is not art  b) they don’t have a good taste at all, fine art my ass!

i think it was totally embarrassing when i asked people if they were going and they replied “who is that guy?” boooooooooo. and it was people involved in galleries and artists and stuff. i  dunno, i always had a hard time getting good comics in my hand across the ocean so i worship what i have now and i think a lot of people here are spoiled and don’t care much about awesome events like daniel clowes in san francisco talking about his new amazing book. anyway, life goes on. i’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and i won’t facebook about it cause facebook is lame.

hey, what’s up?

i need a break from drawing and editing drawings and sending heavy files online. the only good thing is that freelancing makes you work so hard and drawings come different although i wish that drawing should never be a struggle but oh well.

i’m editing my book, it’s kinda like a zine. very random. the cool thing is that VOLCOM is gonna publish it! hell yeah, 40 pages full color magic! that was rad! thanks diogo, emi and diego. you guys rule! oh yeah, another cool thing: IT’S FREE.

nowwwwwww we’re talking right?

its crazy making a whole book. may was a crazy busy month and i had a lil time to actually put everything together. and just to add a lil suspense the scanner died and my computer screen is on the death row.

a lil pause to vomit from being under pressure. (not the book, the book is great)

everything is alright

or will be


here’s some music before you go.