hey, what’s up?

i need a break from drawing and editing drawings and sending heavy files online. the only good thing is that freelancing makes you work so hard and drawings come different although i wish that drawing should never be a struggle but oh well.

i’m editing my book, it’s kinda like a zine. very random. the cool thing is that VOLCOM is gonna publish it! hell yeah, 40 pages full color magic! that was rad! thanks diogo, emi and diego. you guys rule! oh yeah, another cool thing: IT’S FREE.

nowwwwwww we’re talking right?

its crazy making a whole book. may was a crazy busy month and i had a lil time to actually put everything together. and just to add a lil suspense the scanner died and my computer screen is on the death row.

a lil pause to vomit from being under pressure. (not the book, the book is great)

everything is alright

or will be


here’s some music before you go.


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