zines. really?

i always had this kind of rule about making my zines: it’s the place where i can use any drawing, say anything and everything i want and usually won’t ever use anywhere else or publish online. that’s why they are special to me.

anyway, my buddy michael hsiung posted this on the shiny squirrel blog! and man, michael rules! he’s one of my fave people ever!

and at last but not least, i read this note that fabio zimbres wrote about my zines on his juxtapoz blog.  and i don’t know him in person, but his art i do and it’s rad! and it’s such an honor. i’m lucky my zines are safe in the right hands :)

oh yeah, you can  find SHITFACE @ Needles and Pens (San Francisco), Al’s Comics (San Francisco), Lower Haters (San Francisco), Together Gallery (Portland, OR), Desert Island (Brooklyn, NY). For Mad fro Sadness go to Human Pyramids store or contact me. thank you.


One response to “zines. really?

  1. i love your little crow drawing =D

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