more photos from the show.

woody allen. word.

i’m still not sure about my feelings towards ripping pages from my sketchbooks.


doze green purchased the pee piece (from milly). that was funny and made me feel like we already accomplished something hahaha no, i dunno. anyway. the thug life drawing (originally written “fat biatch”) i used it on my stinckers sheet!

collabs and stuff

this part of the wall is one of my favourite.

mildred's art

oh, i miss going to the vietnamese place in our street.  somebody introduced me as midred at the show, well im the one with the weird name and he’s the one with the old grandma’s name. got it?

how to get to heaven from scotland (pacolli)

this is what happens when i try to make a collage by myself. i wonder why i buy so many bright ass paper, i can’t stop buying them by the way.

late afternoon feeling of desolation, dread and enchantment

thank you bill callahan.


except for the drunk lady everything else is from mildred. love love loveee the skateboard i wanna buy it. sometimes i wish i had a job. and then it fades away

hit that bong and walk inside the house like a mad dog.

go check our show in real life, Lower Haters, 597 Haight St  SF,CA.


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