APE, Late Summer, Stickers, Obsessive Behavior

san francisco is way too warm, late summer thing. i can’t sleep, no fan. where is the freakin’ wind when you need it? anyway. part of that summer feeling is the urge of not moving much, sipping a beer and draw until you feel all sweaty and sticky again.

like the other day for example, i tried to fall back to sleep watching the documentary “whales in crises”. that image was so neat i couldnt sleep at all after watching it. i read something once, saying that whales doesn’t want to be saved. who wants to be saved, anyway?

so i decided to draw on all of the 100 stickers i had in the fresh new pack. it’s pretty relaxing to do it.

i’m gonna go to APE and again i will sneak out of it to go to aquarius records watch superchunk play! superchunk! oh yeahhhhhhh!

and dan clowes will be signing at drawn and quarterly booth. i dunno if i’ll bring my comics to sign, but i’d die for a doodle.

across street from APE there’s Susie’s. and that’s the spot! coffee, beer, cheeseburguer or ice cream, or some air if you get sick of the nerd crowd.

and i’m gonna be signing and doodling at the needles and pens booth # 288A at APE this sunday. yep. come over and say hi! i’ll post the time when i know it!

and the sticker packs will be available there and only there.

see ya!


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