headbanging all nite

POST IT show

working on stuff for the POST IT group show at Giant Robot LA, curated by mark todd and esther-pearl watson. fancy!

buying art directly from the artist is cheaper and you get goodies. HIGH IN THE BAY * NEW STUFF ALMOST EVERYDAY. now with Mildred stuff too, since we live together why shouldn’t you save money on shipping, right?  the other day a girl from australia bought zines to give to her sister for christmas, dude how rad is this! pretty rad! i want zines for christmas.

soon sticker packs at the shop.

this video is so good. if raveonettes go play at your city you should go. i watched them once in brazil and it was amazing, after the show we all danced drunk on a slippery dance floor headbanging all nite.


2 responses to “headbanging all nite

  1. ah, foi um dia mágico :)
    ia ter show aqui esta semana mas cancelaram, fiquei arrasada. afinal, é o jesus and mary chain com a debbie harry no vocal.
    beijo e saudades

    • foi exatamente em vc que eu pensei! to com saudade dessa epoca, tudo muito louco mas muito intenso! com mais headbanging!
      e torcicolo por 5 dias hahaha. eles tocaram aqui num festival de ostras hahaha fiquei com medo de ser a unica headbanging… faltou vc!
      que uoo q cancelaram brasil!! vai no pavement por mim, queria ver com vc! <3 saudade amiga

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