A John Waters Filthy Christmas Miracle

first of all, i won’t complain about life much anymore.

just cause the coolest thing happened before christmas, and i was in another dimension for a while.

as some of you know, i was trying to sell 125 zines so i could go to the John Waters Christmas @ The Roxie. and people actually supported the cause and i sold zines to crazy awesome far lands, that meant a lot. buttt still i didn’t made enough money…

until i got an email from kate and chris (aka roxie’s directors aka the most amazing people ever). got two tickets for the show, i’m still hysterical because this is the coolest thing ever and ever! it means the world to me.



It was historical and hysterical!! it was totally insane to me because i’m just this girl from brasil that’s been into his movies since i was around 10, and he saved me from film school and i thought if one day i’d see john waters would be only when i go to baltimore for my own very special pope of the trash tour (still on my plans of course) to see places where he shot the classics and to enjoy the baltimore vibes. so, that was really beyond everything to me! and it was the second time i met him since i moved to san francisco.

his show was so wit! he’s such a great artist, a real classy show man!

oh john waters, you’re the best! and long life to the roxie, kate and chris you’re amazing fabulous people!



One response to “A John Waters Filthy Christmas Miracle

  1. DUDE
    que bom :)

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