Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

wednesday and i need a nap

i’m excited cause i’m gonna be in a show in my hometown sao paulo, oh yeahh. more about it soon, but here’s something that might be in the show.

late night drawing

after you’re 30 you can’t blame on your parents anymore. i’m almost there but still in time to save me from a childhood trauma of never having the mishka bear, my dad gave me one last year. thanks dad!

the human animal is making it hard to find an apartment in the city.

when life sucks i open my Spaniel Rage and stare at it, cause Vanessa Davis rules! Such a great artist and a big inspiration.

stuff available at veraneyo

in spite of the lack of interest in zines, since i moved out many people have been writing me and asking if they can buy my stuff in brazil, so now YEAH! At VERANEYO! the only awesome place where you can get my stuff and Mildred’s stuff too. Hooray!