frankie lymon

i am so excited about the show in sao paulo in march at choque cultural gallery. dude, hometown!! local! pinheiros! all the homies! haha i really wanna make my best show so far. and i’ve been working hard.

the frankie lymon portrait was so much fun to make, listening to him singing all day, all night!

the sketch i did first. i like cause you can see the T from The Teenagers.  i want a sweater like this, im gonna make myself one.

did you ever played the game “Pretend you’re in a John Waters movie”? i do it all the time.

Collab piece with my beloved husband Mildred

boteco do elvis, sao paulo, pinheiros. back in the days.

this bar doesn’t exist anymore, the owner was obsessed with elvis as you can notice.

it was trashy and i loved it. cheap beer and never crowded.

it was near the Big Small pool bar, for real. that place might still exist. i like to think it’s a homage misunderstood to Biggie but who knows.


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