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collab with MIldred

bringing this new collab with Milly to the show at Choque Cultural (sao paulo, brasil) in march.

dog on wood panel. kinda old changed it a lil bit and brought it back to life.

i used to organize an art sale/concerts called BENDGY and guess what? it’s coming back!


i need some hibernation time.

i never draw with pencils.

i tried so many times to make a decent drawing of dusty springfield i just don’t seem to get it. all of them are written “sorry dusty”.

one day i was walking and i saw this and it felt good, tupac forever.


february has been a good month for HIGH IN THE BAY, i’m proud of it. thanks for supporting, we really appreciate it!

they’re closing one of my favorite spots in sao paulo downtown. my 1st rap record was bought there, i used to work in a record shop there. and there was no better place to hang out while i waited for my screens to be done. i will miss you galeria do rep <3


Beautiful Things

John Malta

the other day got some art on the mail from the great john malta, his originals are awesome. art in real life is pretty rad. also got some drawings to collab, so excited!

John Malta's zines

travis millard print, 2007 (top) original michael hsiung, 2011 awesomeness. wish this guys live in san francisco so i could see their art all the time, love the art!

claudio elisabetsky photo of john waters and patricio bisso at the opening of fellini’s 8 and 1/2 in 1985 in NYC, signed and drawn by john waters (left), stephan doitschinoff drawing “for ever demented”, 2009 (right). it screams luck and makes me smile frequently, thanks guys!

stephan doitschinoff’s poster and the new record player, yay.

original drawing i got from stephan doit when i was puting up an art show and struggling, he drew this devil crying for me, pretty rad!

sweet print from albert reyes (up) and original johnny ryan drawing that i got from the david as a gift, aww.

matt furie

bought this at a sketch tuesdays in 2009 from mr matt furie.

toutou is probably one of my very favorite characters ever made. nroll made this and juju kedryna brought it to me when we were showing in antwerp. fun times!! there’s a whole book of toutou that is the coolest shit ever. fin.

Stephen, Stephin

this morning while i was having coffee i watch this video of ESPO (stephen powers) and something clicked…

stephen powers (ESPO) is a genius, i remember when my buddy stephan (CALMA) showed me his art years ago. it blew my mind completely and forever!

3 years ago exactly i was in NYC following The Magnetic Fields on tour, well actually i only went to their 4 concerts in the city and headed to california after them because jonathan richman was gonna play in brooklyn, so i stayed.

anyway, what i’m trying to say is that while i was watching the ESPO video it clicked me that he would be THE PERFECT ARTIST to make a Magnetic Fields cover art. The world would collapse in a magic sense if they work together! They’re both genius in my opinion, really amazing artists that i can never get enough.

and they really look a like or is it just me that think so?

Stephin Merritt from the Magnetic Fields

i’m almost convinced they are the same person…

keep up the shoegazing!


i think it’s as hard to be a comic book artist as much as it is to be a comic book shop owner. there’s something that keep us all going on and it’s the love for comics. yesterday i heard the news that Comic Relief in Berkeley was closed. and i know that my buddy Al was struggling to pay the rent on market st, and man, it’s expensive to have whatever place in san francisco. it’s outta hand! He has the shop for 21 years already and now there’s a risk of losing it.

anyway, what i’m trying to say is GO TO AL’S COMICS TODAY AND BUY COMICS! he’s having a big sale and he has a bunch of real sweet comics there. i don’t know much about super heroes comics but i guarantee that he has fantagraphics classics and rarities. r.crumb, dan clowes, peter bagge (i even found there the 7″ from the Action Suits aka Peter Bagge’s band).

go to his ebay store to support too!

al is the first friend i made in san francisco. he rules!! please support :)



ain’t talking about love

aidan moffat always release amazing records in beautiful editions on valentine’s day. i always get myself one, it became a tradition. and i love it. so i decided to make myself something inspired, a lover’s pack and a misery pack for valentine’s day.

* The Last Chance Kids zine published by Volcom, 40 pages of color explosions and Love in America!
* Double sided poster “love without devotion, not for me” and i bet you got some devotion going on. you’d better! the other side you can put on if one day your love dies. shhh
* 1 very tacky card, huge thing saying I LOVE YOU when you open it’s written “yes, you.”
* 1 postcard “I (lovesick) you”
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors)
* bunch of hand drawn stickers . i even painted a wall for you to draw the heart w/ your initials.

*comes with a link to download a mixtape of love and devotion

i am pro post romance. i truly believe in it. i made a misery pack and it comes with sweet stuff.

my theory is whatever is going on you gotta have some class, so enjoy the misery with style. there’s million things that are very enjoyable when you’re miserable.

the misery pack contains:

* The Last Chance Kids zine, 40 pages, full color, lost in america
* Double sided poster “love without devotion – not for me” and the other side is full of misery too. it all depend on your point of view
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors) with hopeless messages
* 2 postcards that i drew specially for you
* bunch of hand drawn stickers

& comes with a link to download a miserable mixtape.




found some screenprinted sweats and shirts from back in the days, maybe 2009 and older who knows. some of them are kinda cool.

collab with mildred (available)


and who could tell it would be hot in february? awesome!


anyway, i’ve been posting more stuff randomly at the shop so, yeah.