Stephen, Stephin

this morning while i was having coffee i watch this video of ESPO (stephen powers) and something clicked…

stephen powers (ESPO) is a genius, i remember when my buddy stephan (CALMA) showed me his art years ago. it blew my mind completely and forever!

3 years ago exactly i was in NYC following The Magnetic Fields on tour, well actually i only went to their 4 concerts in the city and headed to california after them because jonathan richman was gonna play in brooklyn, so i stayed.

anyway, what i’m trying to say is that while i was watching the ESPO video it clicked me that he would be THE PERFECT ARTIST to make a Magnetic Fields cover art. The world would collapse in a magic sense if they work together! They’re both genius in my opinion, really amazing artists that i can never get enough.

and they really look a like or is it just me that think so?

Stephin Merritt from the Magnetic Fields

i’m almost convinced they are the same person…

keep up the shoegazing!


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