Beautiful Things

John Malta

the other day got some art on the mail from the great john malta, his originals are awesome. art in real life is pretty rad. also got some drawings to collab, so excited!

John Malta's zines

travis millard print, 2007 (top) original michael hsiung, 2011 awesomeness. wish this guys live in san francisco so i could see their art all the time, love the art!

claudio elisabetsky photo of john waters and patricio bisso at the opening of fellini’s 8 and 1/2 in 1985 in NYC, signed and drawn by john waters (left), stephan doitschinoff drawing “for ever demented”, 2009 (right). it screams luck and makes me smile frequently, thanks guys!

stephan doitschinoff’s poster and the new record player, yay.

original drawing i got from stephan doit when i was puting up an art show and struggling, he drew this devil crying for me, pretty rad!

sweet print from albert reyes (up) and original johnny ryan drawing that i got from the david as a gift, aww.

matt furie

bought this at a sketch tuesdays in 2009 from mr matt furie.

toutou is probably one of my very favorite characters ever made. nroll made this and juju kedryna brought it to me when we were showing in antwerp. fun times!! there’s a whole book of toutou that is the coolest shit ever. fin.


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