collab with MIldred

bringing this new collab with Milly to the show at Choque Cultural (sao paulo, brasil) in march.

dog on wood panel. kinda old changed it a lil bit and brought it back to life.

i used to organize an art sale/concerts called BENDGY and guess what? it’s coming back!


i need some hibernation time.

i never draw with pencils.

i tried so many times to make a decent drawing of dusty springfield i just don’t seem to get it. all of them are written “sorry dusty”.

one day i was walking and i saw this and it felt good, tupac forever.


february has been a good month for HIGH IN THE BAY, i’m proud of it. thanks for supporting, we really appreciate it!

they’re closing one of my favorite spots in sao paulo downtown. my 1st rap record was bought there, i used to work in a record shop there. and there was no better place to hang out while i waited for my screens to be done. i will miss you galeria do rep <3


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