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Sao Paulo * Choque Cultural * Bendgy * Mil Trutas

my buddy haroldo helped me screen printing stickers for the workshop @ choque cultural. some of the stickers are mildred’s drawing, some are mine and the drippy faced girl is a collab between the two of us.

there were only a few made and people that came to check the workshop got them as a gift.

those Mats?! prints are so fucking sweet!

haroldo, flavia, pinga, jaca and thais

jaca and thais are my favorite artists couple from brasil, they reprezent endlessly and they’re also genius and very dear friends! haroldo and pinga always supported my art and have always been good friends for life even with an ocean away. and flavia is a sweet girl checking out Mats?! prints to give to her boyfriend, good taste girl! ;-)

screen printing therapy.

collab shirt with mildred, and a mildred shirt.


my mom came to my art show, it’s the first time she came to my show. oh that mom!

carlinhos played at bendgy last friday like the old days! i’m gonna upload better pics of everything soon! the video is a gentle courtesy of our old buddy tinico.

repentina also played i will upload videos soon! thanks carlinhos and repentina for the awesome shows, for real i dropped a tear. it was beautiful!

the crowd of friendly faces :)

shirts made by pingarilho

for more info about his art, go to aural.

alrighttttt, see you soon brasilsao! now i’m going back home!


workshop @ choque cultural

logo mais workshop  na choque! cola la!


i’m at my mom’s place screen printing shirts, it’s been forever! i miss that about sao paulo, big apartments, big sink, it’s great to screen print. i don’t use any traditional screen print carousel or table. just a regular table works for me.

while everybody here listen to best coast, i’m still very into rita lee and os mutantes.

i made 3 new designs, the desperate living is mine, the twisted bear head is from mildred, and the dancing creatures one is a collab between me and him.

i’m preparing the workshop i’m gonna present at choque on saturday at 3pm. come over, i will give some goodies. shhh. oh yeah, and it is free!

i woke up feeling i’m an alien.

in the year 2000 me and my friend maria went to this hippie city called sao tome das letras. i honestly didn’t wanted to come back. i still fantasize about moving to a far away mountain…

when people call you nonsense they give you the right to do anything!

i think i need a nice psychedelic peaceful vacation/hibernation.

BENDGY, edição única e especial

BENDGY * edição unica e especial * dia 25, sexta-feira das 6 a meia noite, na casa do mancha * shows: *ALBERTINHO DOS REIS + REPENTINA * camisetas, zines e posters feitos pelas mãos de *MILDRED, MATS?!, SHN, PACOLLI*
cola la! vou embora semana que vem, quero ver os amigos!


* * * coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural * * *

coletiva 2011 @ choque cultural

my little corner of the art show

sweat and tears

and props to stephan, nara, haroldo, pinga and naty for helping me paint the walls :)

art is available to purchase through the gallery here.

i still need to get good pics of the show, here’s some art from the other artists from the show

pingarilho and SHN stickers


more pingarilho’s art

SHN's giant piece


SHN everywhere

Base V

need more pics of the show, go check base v awesome stuff!

more news and pics coming soon.

new stuff for the LOPO show

“Desperate Living” * mixed media * 14″x18″

a ripped page of my sketchbook, 8″x10″

collage on wood panel * 8×8

cat on scratchboard * 11″x14″

that all i have photos now, still need to bring to the gallery and install the show. pics and videos coming soon!

hey san franciscans, the opening reception for the LOPO show is saturday, come over for drinks and art. there’s a show opening at space gallery aka their twin connected gallery. see ya!


sketchbook video

another sketchbook video…

and here’s when we don’t talk about it.



here we go @ lopo gallery (tenderloin, sf)

opening is march 12 @ LOPO GALLERY

collab w/ mildred

we decided to give this collab a new look.

check out more at uncle mildred’s blog.if you purchase anything at *high in the bay* he’ll throw a button on your pack, sweeeet.



B for Bouffant


new stuff for the show at choque.

the ronettes and phil spector

made this version on glitter scratch board…

and new stickers from me and mildred -> HIGH IN THE BAY

get now or wait till i come back from brazil, HIGH IN THE BAY will be on vacation mode during march, you still have a week from now.

This weekend me and david will be installing our stuff at LOPO Gallery, the show opens March 12th and there’s art from Bo Heimlich, Chad Hasegawa, David Ball, Do It,  Jason C. Arnold, Jason Vivona, Jesse Balmer, Justin Lovato, Matt Miller, Mildred, Ryan De La Hoz and me!  i saw some stuff already at the gallery and it looks sweeeeet.

Coletiva 2011 @ Choque Cultural

oldschool style poster made at grafica fidalga in sao paulo, a classic! Choque Cultural representin’!

i’ve been there before, this place is amazing!

each artist made it’s own flyer, and each of us have its own room in the gallery. fancy!

coming soon!