i’m at my mom’s place screen printing shirts, it’s been forever! i miss that about sao paulo, big apartments, big sink, it’s great to screen print. i don’t use any traditional screen print carousel or table. just a regular table works for me.

while everybody here listen to best coast, i’m still very into rita lee and os mutantes.

i made 3 new designs, the desperate living is mine, the twisted bear head is from mildred, and the dancing creatures one is a collab between me and him.

i’m preparing the workshop i’m gonna present at choque on saturday at 3pm. come over, i will give some goodies. shhh. oh yeah, and it is free!

i woke up feeling i’m an alien.

in the year 2000 me and my friend maria went to this hippie city called sao tome das letras. i honestly didn’t wanted to come back. i still fantasize about moving to a far away mountain…

when people call you nonsense they give you the right to do anything!

i think i need a nice psychedelic peaceful vacation/hibernation.


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