Sao Paulo * Choque Cultural * Bendgy * Mil Trutas

my buddy haroldo helped me screen printing stickers for the workshop @ choque cultural. some of the stickers are mildred’s drawing, some are mine and the drippy faced girl is a collab between the two of us.

there were only a few made and people that came to check the workshop got them as a gift.

those Mats?! prints are so fucking sweet!

haroldo, flavia, pinga, jaca and thais

jaca and thais are my favorite artists couple from brasil, they reprezent endlessly and they’re also genius and very dear friends! haroldo and pinga always supported my art and have always been good friends for life even with an ocean away. and flavia is a sweet girl checking out Mats?! prints to give to her boyfriend, good taste girl! ;-)

screen printing therapy.

collab shirt with mildred, and a mildred shirt.


my mom came to my art show, it’s the first time she came to my show. oh that mom!

carlinhos played at bendgy last friday like the old days! i’m gonna upload better pics of everything soon! the video is a gentle courtesy of our old buddy tinico.

repentina also played i will upload videos soon! thanks carlinhos and repentina for the awesome shows, for real i dropped a tear. it was beautiful!

the crowd of friendly faces :)

shirts made by pingarilho

for more info about his art, go to aural.

alrighttttt, see you soon brasilsao! now i’m going back home!


One response to “Sao Paulo * Choque Cultural * Bendgy * Mil Trutas

  1. hahahah amei sua mama nas fotos representou muitooooooooooo

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