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collab stickers with mildred. check out that zany vampire version of tim maia that happened by accident (?) on the left lower corner!

the blue kid is a collab with milly

a drink alone kind of tiger

high in the bay

and some pixacao style pizza by the homens pizza or pizza men in english. sao paulo style.

and some sao paulo pizza. cheesy. i miss that!

i tried to scan this drawing but it’s a disaster to scan or photograph fucking bright paper like that and the white is disappearing but oh well, new drawing!

i was invited to be part of this project of el cabriton in rio de janeiro, brasil. the dude is the brother of serginho moreira, the most famous indie author that used to compose hits about bossa nova and BBQ. anyway, a genius! so of course i was down for this project, a playing card set each card made by one person.

another thing coming up is some merch and wheatpastes with this guy i did for track number records in LA

pretty sweeeeeet. thanks bobbert!

drew this dog at sketch tuesdays.

now i’m off to work. 12-7 work. it’s not my place no no hahaha


New STINCKERS by Mats!? and Dan Clowes

got some sweeeeeeet STINCKERS sheets last night from my buddy Mats!?, new sheets by Mr Mats!? himself and Mr Daniel Clowes, oh yeah!

isn’t it awesome? i need to frame this!

good old classic screen print style! mats!? is a master at screenprinting!

a Daniel Clowes stincker sheet is something special! i got my copy of Mister Wonderful recently and of course i loved it! Always, forever!


part of a new drawing. the dream of peace between east and west. whiskey, noodles, tigers, far away mountains, piano.

a page in my sketchbook that i decided to frame nicely

home sweet home.

today i’ll be drawing at 111minna’s sketch tuesdays with mildred, mats?! and many other san franciscan beer drinking artists, it is FUN! you should come over and have fun with us!

let easy e do the talking

It’s John Waters B-day!! *celebrational sale*

hell yeah!!! i’m totally celebrating, long life to the ultimate author!

i feel like tonight’s gonna be like one of those wine lips day when i get inconveniently happy like a crazy kid, high on pink flamingos and female trouble. thank you castro theater, that’s absolutely amazing!

oh yeah, there’s a BIG SALE going on at high in the bay: any “desperate living” fan shirt is on sale! shirts, v-neck, raglan, sweatshirt. until monday only!

*the day after 420* or *20 zine packs*

hope y’all had a nice day yesterday. mine was pretty good. modern times are crazy, we were chillin’ doodlin’ and listening to live dj set by snoop dogg, and he was on his webcam! kinda weird but it was fun! sweet tunes!

me and mildred made 20 zine packs containing 2 zines, 1 postcard and a bunch of stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl). we made some stencils for the tags.

and i only have very few copies of SPXSF and i highly recommend you to get yourself a copy before it’s too late.

and some RIFF RAFF zine, here featured on your favorite local website -> fecal face, of course!

and running out of copies of shitface, get yours or wave bye bye. oh yeah these packs will be shipping tomorrow to mother england, so london friends, hooray!

happy 420 everyday dear readers!

everyday struggle

another earthquake, another b, another monday, surviving in the bay…

hand drawn stickers on wood panel, 2011

i just finished this 16×20″ piece for the human pyraminds show coming up at AR4T Gallery in Laguna Beach coming up next month.

many close up photos thanks to milly.

if wordpress hasn’t fucked me up earlier by not updating the draft and making me lose the whole post about tim maia and biggie smalls all this would make more sense. i’ll re-write it again one of these days, but hey. listen to tim maia and biggie smalls ;-)

many close up details. tiny lil damn stickers!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


i always thought union is a good thing, apparently in the art world that’s not a common thought. i’m still gonna go against the current for what i believe it’s worth it, that’s one of the reasons that i got HIGH IN THE BAY going on.

MZK, a fucking amazing artist from Sao Paulo (BR)

MZK. is for sure one of my big inspirations specially cause he used to make comics and zines in sao paulo, and that’s though! cause nobody cares about it there. well, almost nobody.and i always loved his zines and his lines are so damn good!

i don’t mean to diss people that don’t read comics, i wish i could talk about art without relating to the lack of interest of people towards it, but i can’t.  my idea here is helping spread the word! so when i was in brazil last month i managed to meet some of my favorite artists to hang out and get some of their stuff to bring it over to san francisco. for example, i brought these sweet posters from the magnificent MZK.


the point is making it easier to get good people and good art together in a safe and easy way to buy online. and that’s what HIGH IN THE BAY stands for!

i put up some of the shirts and sweatshirts i screen printed in brasil. lil homage here to THE man, John Waters (who still doesn’t have his own website and it makes me proud of him).

got some mildred’s and a collab between us both too.

see? there’s a bunch of tee’s!

and there’s 2 new original BIG drawings by my pal DANIELONE


another amazing artist from sao paulo, he’s my pal, his art was at SPXSF show, he was my best man at the wedding, he kicks ass!


i mean it, his art is amazing detailed. he’s got some real skills!


and here’s another big one…


and i got some of the awesome big packs from CHOQUE CULTURAL GALLERY and i mean it, it is worth it every penny! it comes with many posters and stickers, buttons, postcards and even a wrist band!


those are real collectibles. posters printed at grafica fidalga, hell yeah!


SPETO is an oldschool artist from the sao paulo art and grafitti scene. his art is gnarly! i’m always impressed by his creativity and technique.

choque cultural

choque is such a cool gallery! who else makes awesome shit like this??


SHN is an art crew from americana, in the state of sao paulo. they’ve been making art for a long time and always reprezenting for real in whatever cool art activity going on in Sao Paulo. they were a constant presence at BENDGY, oh yeah! they’ve been everywhere. recently they made a sick installation in a museum in zurich, switzerland. way to go!

carlos dias aka ASA

what to say about carlos dias except that he is a national hero and he paints with his heart and it’s all there, raw and honest in your face. my hero for sure!

and each pack comes with a bunch of postcards and stickers and a tara mc pherson ballom and buttons and phewwww, yeah it’s a REAL goodie pack!

H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y * H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H I*N T*H*E B*A*Y *H*I*G*H *

sweet review * across the sea * rise japan *sleepwalkers

yo! it’s been a while, i’ve been busy and i’m probably still jet lagged? or just wanting to chill for a while but no time for that.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

i’m so stoked i got this amazing, wit and sensible review of my art show by a great amazing artist/journalist himself antonio farinaci or aka toni toy (for those who follow his fantastic music career). in portuguese only, sorry foreign pals!

and back in cali, our dear julianne yates from heist gallery is organizing a hearfelt art show to raise money to support japan. i donated a drawing and painted a tote bag.

i couldnt think of something more japan-american love related thing than across the sea from weezer. pinkerton (the album) destroyed my life in a beautiful way, i thought it would be sweet to put on some across the sea love to support japan <3

and some close up picture of a collab art piece i did with mildred, featured on the man of the arts from san francisco, allan bamberger.

oh man, and there is so many new stuff at *h*i*g*h* i*n* t*h*e* b*a*y* that i don’t even know where to start, i still need to upload more stuff so i’ll make a post only about the new stuff pretty soon, for now check out some mildred’s (the bear dog one) and a collab shirt i screenprinted in brasil-sil-sil.

the talent photographer and good old friend of mine fabio motta ordered a giant special pack from me and mildred. he’s been supporting my art since the times i used to throw all my drawings in the trash and he rescued and framed and now is the owner of a big collection of my art :) i can only say thank you so many times :)

the baloon is from the awesome tara mcpherson.

me and fabio used to kick together as the sleepwalkers a very late night/early morning djing club project in sao paulo. good old times!

good nite y’all!

art show at choque cultural – *new pics by pedro palhares!*

my dear old band mate pedro palhares took some awesome photos of my part of the art show at choque cultural (sao paulo, brasil).

thanks pedro mannnn! reprezenting since the 90’s supporting the indie scene :)