sweet review * across the sea * rise japan *sleepwalkers

yo! it’s been a while, i’ve been busy and i’m probably still jet lagged? or just wanting to chill for a while but no time for that.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

i’m so stoked i got this amazing, wit and sensible review of my art show by a great amazing artist/journalist himself antonio farinaci or aka toni toy (for those who follow his fantastic music career). in portuguese only, sorry foreign pals!

and back in cali, our dear julianne yates from heist gallery is organizing a hearfelt art show to raise money to support japan. i donated a drawing and painted a tote bag.

i couldnt think of something more japan-american love related thing than across the sea from weezer. pinkerton (the album) destroyed my life in a beautiful way, i thought it would be sweet to put on some across the sea love to support japan <3

and some close up picture of a collab art piece i did with mildred, featured on the man of the arts from san francisco, allan bamberger.

oh man, and there is so many new stuff at *h*i*g*h* i*n* t*h*e* b*a*y* that i don’t even know where to start, i still need to upload more stuff so i’ll make a post only about the new stuff pretty soon, for now check out some mildred’s (the bear dog one) and a collab shirt i screenprinted in brasil-sil-sil.

the talent photographer and good old friend of mine fabio motta ordered a giant special pack from me and mildred. he’s been supporting my art since the times i used to throw all my drawings in the trash and he rescued and framed and now is the owner of a big collection of my art :) i can only say thank you so many times :)

the baloon is from the awesome tara mcpherson.

me and fabio used to kick together as the sleepwalkers a very late night/early morning djing club project in sao paulo. good old times!

good nite y’all!


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