collab stickers with mildred. check out that zany vampire version of tim maia that happened by accident (?) on the left lower corner!

the blue kid is a collab with milly

a drink alone kind of tiger

high in the bay

and some pixacao style pizza by the homens pizza or pizza men in english. sao paulo style.

and some sao paulo pizza. cheesy. i miss that!

i tried to scan this drawing but it’s a disaster to scan or photograph fucking bright paper like that and the white is disappearing but oh well, new drawing!

i was invited to be part of this project of el cabriton in rio de janeiro, brasil. the dude is the brother of serginho moreira, the most famous indie author that used to compose hits about bossa nova and BBQ. anyway, a genius! so of course i was down for this project, a playing card set each card made by one person.

another thing coming up is some merch and wheatpastes with this guy i did for track number records in LA

pretty sweeeeeet. thanks bobbert!

drew this dog at sketch tuesdays.

now i’m off to work. 12-7 work. it’s not my place no no hahaha


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