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eu tenho um cachorro chamado saudade

par Toni

drew this to my friend toni, inspired on his tune “cachorro saudade” you can listen here.

one of these days we’re gonna release his album on vinyl and i’ll be in charge of the lettering and design. toni is endlessly talented. i miss my friends.




a lil spaced out * bare necessities

Yo! Art work from Happily Ever After show at Together Gallery is available to purchase online. Very convenient if you’re not in Portland, just click on the link.

i’ve been into the glitter scratch board for a while now, still figuring it out but it’s always fun to see how things come out in different medias.

this thing came out today, no idea which animal is that.

the sketch

People have been playing real dirty, i always have to connect to something pure and legit to take a break from all the filth out there, and for this nothing is better than The Jungle Book and Louis Armstrong. Can you feel it?


Tattoo * Human Pyramids on Fecal Face * Stinckers

my buddy fabio got one of my drawings on his skin, crazyyyyy! of course i loved it, it’s the 1st time somebody get my drawing tattooed :)

dude, PULP is back officially. i can tell by the videos of their 1st show together in years that it was a blast!

Oh yeah, the Human Pyramids show is coming down this weekend. My pal Michael posted about it on Fecal Face, another master coverage of what’s going on in the art world right now. And hell yeah for international shows!

fabio wearing a sweatshirt i made years ago, i miss freestyle screen printing.

picture from 2007

oh yeah, and at last but not least: there’s new STINCKERS?! on the machine at Giant Robot Los Angeles.

Mats, Pacolli, Daniel Clowes and Benjamin Marra

fecal face * happily ever after * omg it’s monday

FECAL FACE posted about Coletiva 2011 group show @ Choque Cultural! Thanks John! Woohoo! :)* check it out*

Me and Mildred are participating in this married artist couples show at Together Gallery, in Portland, OR. Nice line up curated by the great Timothy Karpinski.

this piece will be in the show.

9x15" ink on paper, 2011

 check out a lil Q+A with some Human Pyramids artists and me.

this is california babylon my man

finished this drawing for a show coming up at together gallery in portland, or.

old pic of my fav stuffed animal, bad bambi

tropical disease

new collab with mildred, 6×6 inches acrylics, ink and gesso on wood board.

another view.

more pics of the human pyramids art show that i’m participating here

Lola, the cutest, chcking out the tiny lil’ sticker drawings. and even more pics of the show here.

here’s something about HIGH IN THE BAY

it’s a girl thing

mad for sadness, feb 14th 2009

last week i got sweet emails from high school girls telling me that my zine mad for sadness was being “taught” in class (something about learning how to write and draw your emotions out i guess) and saying that they really liked it and all. it was such a unexpected surprise and it’s funny in a way cause specially thatt zine is like a diary, and it’s like reading my diary out loud or passing it in class haha which would be a total nightmare in my opinion. but coming from them it was just plain sweet and flattering. i miss girls being nice instead of bitchy to each other.

here’s another example of how little girls are cool, Lola in front of my piece at the laguna beach show! picture taken by mr michael hsiung!

click for more pics and stuff about the show

collab with mildred

did this fun collab with mildred possibly will frame and use it in the show coming up in portland.

the show at choque cultural ends next saturday may 21st, so don’t miss it (if you are in sao paulo, of course). i just finished this drawing for a print for choque. still not sure about the colors, guess we’re gonna try it and decide while screenprinting.


Human Pyramids Art Show

i met hovin wang online in 2008, in 2009 i was going on a crazy art tour through europe and then california. he left his key under his doormat so i could crash at his place in LA while he was at work haha. he’s a man with many dreams and ideas and a great friend! (ps* he’s also a gangsta and he lives in a hood where tupac shot to live and die in LA).

spot where tupac shot to live and die in LA

hovin is the man behind the pyramid, the human pyramids art collective. we had one group show in 2009 at the ghetto gloss gallery and this is our second group show together, this time at AR4T gallery in Laguna Beach.

i couldn’t be at the opening last night (bummer) but i bet it was rad! the pyramids fellas are nice! i had a blast last time he hang together and they’re all very talented artists, you should check out their blogs!

how we party

michael (hsiung) reprezentin'

michael represents so much i don’t even know where to start but if i may say something he’s a brilliant minded man with a big BIG heart and one of my best friends ever!

all this to say if you’re around laguna beach (you lucky!) you should stop by the gallery and check out our show, i know everybody worked hard to make something special! i will post pics here soon. here’s a link to know more about the art in the show :)

build up

i’ve been drawing patterns a lot for the past few months.

sketching for a new screen printed poster, coming soon.

we went to the tamaryn + raveonettes show last night at the bimbo’s and it was soooo good. i could say it was shoegazer advanced! i was impressed. and the venue is gorgeous! there was hairspray in the girls bathroom, it made me want a john waters show there.

and i’ve been trying to make a new zine.

louie and me, matt furie, mildred's leaf

there’s new stuff at high in the bay you know…

sweet pack with a repentina cd, last chance kids zine, 20 awesome stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl) and a mildred button.

my friend eliane aka repentina is a very talented girl. she played many concerts at Bendgy in brasil, like an official one girl band that supports the scene. i highly recommend you to listen to her tunes! oh yeah it comes with stickers that i drew for her merch ;-)

and those very special stickers that i printed in brasil during the workshop at choque cultural. special magic duo color by SHN the greats!

if you’re picky you probably want to see all the stickers that comes in the pack, so voila!

don’t forget there’s still some choque cultural’s pack available at *HIGH IN THE BAY*.

there’s some cool guy shirts, by mildred available (note: they are hand painted but they won’t fade aka it’s pretty cool)

san francisco is pretty, i love taking long walks in the city far from people.

i love rita lee, she totally rules.

la la la, la la, li long, long long

here’s some of my recent works all together in my studio wall

click on this image to see it bigger ;-)

now framed, click on image to see it bigger

this drippy guy/brick wall is a junction of two pieces i didn’t know what to do so i tried this.

some sketchbook action


Drapette is a collab with Mildred and it is available via Choque Cultural Gallery, in Sao Paulo (BR). and the group show i’m participating is on until May 21st :-)