Human Pyramids Art Show

i met hovin wang online in 2008, in 2009 i was going on a crazy art tour through europe and then california. he left his key under his doormat so i could crash at his place in LA while he was at work haha. he’s a man with many dreams and ideas and a great friend! (ps* he’s also a gangsta and he lives in a hood where tupac shot to live and die in LA).

spot where tupac shot to live and die in LA

hovin is the man behind the pyramid, the human pyramids art collective. we had one group show in 2009 at the ghetto gloss gallery and this is our second group show together, this time at AR4T gallery in Laguna Beach.

i couldn’t be at the opening last night (bummer) but i bet it was rad! the pyramids fellas are nice! i had a blast last time he hang together and they’re all very talented artists, you should check out their blogs!

how we party

michael (hsiung) reprezentin'

michael represents so much i don’t even know where to start but if i may say something he’s a brilliant minded man with a big BIG heart and one of my best friends ever!

all this to say if you’re around laguna beach (you lucky!) you should stop by the gallery and check out our show, i know everybody worked hard to make something special! i will post pics here soon. here’s a link to know more about the art in the show :)


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