it’s a girl thing

mad for sadness, feb 14th 2009

last week i got sweet emails from high school girls telling me that my zine mad for sadness was being “taught” in class (something about learning how to write and draw your emotions out i guess) and saying that they really liked it and all. it was such a unexpected surprise and it’s funny in a way cause specially thatt zine is like a diary, and it’s like reading my diary out loud or passing it in class haha which would be a total nightmare in my opinion. but coming from them it was just plain sweet and flattering. i miss girls being nice instead of bitchy to each other.

here’s another example of how little girls are cool, Lola in front of my piece at the laguna beach show! picture taken by mr michael hsiung!

click for more pics and stuff about the show

collab with mildred

did this fun collab with mildred possibly will frame and use it in the show coming up in portland.

the show at choque cultural ends next saturday may 21st, so don’t miss it (if you are in sao paulo, of course). i just finished this drawing for a print for choque. still not sure about the colors, guess we’re gonna try it and decide while screenprinting.



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