Tattoo * Human Pyramids on Fecal Face * Stinckers

my buddy fabio got one of my drawings on his skin, crazyyyyy! of course i loved it, it’s the 1st time somebody get my drawing tattooed :)

dude, PULP is back officially. i can tell by the videos of their 1st show together in years that it was a blast!

Oh yeah, the Human Pyramids show is coming down this weekend. My pal Michael posted about it on Fecal Face, another master coverage of what’s going on in the art world right now. And hell yeah for international shows!

fabio wearing a sweatshirt i made years ago, i miss freestyle screen printing.

picture from 2007

oh yeah, and at last but not least: there’s new STINCKERS?! on the machine at Giant Robot Los Angeles.

Mats, Pacolli, Daniel Clowes and Benjamin Marra


2 responses to “Tattoo * Human Pyramids on Fecal Face * Stinckers

  1. We miss your freestyle screen printing as well

  2. vou prai em setembro quero ver se resgato umas telas antigas e novas pras fazer um silk fresstyle, te aviso se der certo ;-)

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