ashamed of the human kind

that came from this

i love the make-up, ian svenonius is cool. he said something funny on youtube while i was drawing this.

i have been dividing my time in making art and with a curatorial project that is fucking amazing, i’m very proud and happy with the team. my heart is in this project and you’ll know more about it soon.

mega pack available at high in the bay

High in the Bay is all about friends making shit together, this time we made  a sweet FAT pack. Contains: 1 zine (the last chance kids, published by our beloved Volcom Brasil), 1 doubled sided full color poster (also published by Volcom Brasil), 1 music CD from the one girl rock band Repentina, and a whole bunch of handmade (a lot), vinyl, screen printed stickers from me and my husband Mr Mildred.

click here for more infos

oh yeah, hang on. there’s some ORIGINAL paintings by Mildred at the shop too

I love this piece, looks amazing in real life and it’s framed.

The cool guy shirts are still available, get yours while you can!

check out some of Mc Marechal, real brazillian rap




One response to “Loki

  1. ó o cavalo banguela! haha dahora

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