killing yourself to live


i made some bookmarks. nerd pride mode on!

i drew this metal dude character for my buddy Robert from Track Number Records in LA

photo courtesy of mr michael hsiung

i also have been adding new stuff at High In The Bay

the very last onesie i screenprinted back in the days.

i haven’t been screen printing in a while

collab sticker with mildred

making stickers is a fun exercise, another collab with mildred here

and a 3 eyed frankie lymon?

i have a collection of  trash soap opera soundtracks from brasil on vinyl. i made a drawings inspired on the cover of one of them that they had a a gothic thief called Ladislau (they even used the Suzanne Vega song “tom’s dinner” as his main theme, oh wait wasn’t he supposed to be gothic? oh well i guess it was to rhyme with his name when the song goes laladee ladeedow or whatever)

he never used this make up on the soap opera

Ladislau, the gothic thief

i have a gothic tattoo, it’s tiny but it’s forever. it’s so lame i’m kinda proud of it.

it’s been forever since i haven’t paint on photoshop, looks funny.

DUDE, i uploaded recently the new CHOQUE CULTURAL big pizza box full of goodies and this time we have besides the awesome letterpress posters also a printed poster from my mentor and dear friend STEPHAN DOITSCHINOFF! No words needed to describe his amazing art, check it out…

jaw dropper art by Stephan Doitschinoff

and it’s full color double sided poster

a collector's goodie

and a silvana mello poster from her solo show in 2010, read this to know more about the amazing art of silvana.

to see what else comes in the pack click here.






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