fat zine packs

making zine packs is fun, they’re getting fatter and fatter each time i make a new one.

a fat pack of stickers was made too

collab sticker pack mildred+pacolli

me and mildred decided to put together a poster pack, this is a one timer only cause that’s all that’s left

the mildred’s posters were screenprinted by myself in my old apartment- good old times.

hey, if you’re in philly you should go check out the solo show of michael hsiung at slingluff gallery. looks amazing and i really wish i could go to this show.

annnd here in SF the amazing duo show by the genius travis millard and mel kadel @ FFDG. mind blowing, jaw dropper show. mildred took cool pics too check it out here.

man, i am so into brad neely‘s animation. i think he’s underrated and fuck all those cartoons (except simpsons and south park cause they have their own legit thing going on) BABY CAKES is the shit, enjoy!


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