Mystic Truths * Stay Gold * Kult Mag

"Mystic Truths" 2011 ink, gesso and acrylic on wood panel 10x10"

finished another piece, inspired on drawing in class during school to not acknowledge math class and other stupid things ( i went to a italian catholic school for most of my life, that explains it)

A couple weeks ago i met the sweet Zarani from KULT magazine from Singapore and she gave me a few extra copies of their amazing magazine, i already gave some to my artists friends and now we’re offering some to our dear customers (that most of the time are artists themselves, right?) of High in The Bay with any purchase you get a FREE copy of KULT mag. sweeeeeeeeet :)

check out their website, it rules!

Kult Magazine from Singapore

tupac helps keepin’ it real ;-)


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