Ladies in Comix @ Webb Gallery * Stinckers @ Atomic Books!! * and more

Esther Pearl Watson is such an awesome artist and curator, i’m always impressed of the amount of work and projects she’s involved and it’s very inspiring to me. Besides having an artist curating a show is so refreshing, and being in a show curated by one of my favorite artists is very special.

The show opens in July 30th @ Webb Gallery (Waxahachie, TX) and check out the awesome line up:

Talking about comics and awesomeness The Great Stinckers Machine found another home and this time is Atomic Books in Baltimore! Yes, The Atomic Books, the only place in the world you can send fan mail to Mr. John Waters! Isn’t it perfect? I think so, very perfect indeed! We should start a John Waters + STINCKERS collab on the next edition for some smelly, stincky stickers like the Polyester Stincking Sheet you scratch during the movie, i still have mine!

Oh yeah, and a little HIGH IN THE BAY update, Mildred painted some Toms Shoes and they look awesome, get it girls!

Mildred's Painted Toms Shoes


extra goodie for my buddy diego medina

gotta go back to work, got 6000 round stickers in the mail. may the obsessive work begin. ciao!





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