Installation + print signing @ POW (UK) – part 1

London was so much fun!  It was on the week that the riots happened there and i still managed to work hard and be safe and have a blast, make amazing friends and see beautiful artwork around. i miss you guys!!!!! Thanks POW family (L)


classic chalkboard and fake flowers fun, love it!

view from outside, painting from Anthony Lister and my window.

my window and the lovely Yoko

my window at POW, at the opening night i had the most adorable presence of my beloved friends Eliete Mejorado e Bruno Verner from Tetine and i finally met their daughter the glowing Yoko, so much love! Oh yeah, the duo Tetine is also on the show i’m curating in October at Choque Cultural Gallery (Sao Paulo, Brasil). They’re amazing artists i’m very proud to have them on the team!

Yoko is such a cool girl

me and bruno verner from tetine

remember that volcom poster?

window and installation from inside

pictures taken by Myriam JC Preston . Thank you!!

photo: myriam jc preston

The print POW released that night, my “Speak and Spell” watercolor drawing on a fancy brilliant screen print, oh yeah! I’m happy my homage to Jarvis Cocker and PULP took me to London, it means a lot to me.

The prints are available to purchase online, 1 per customer, click here.

I brought some shirts and me and my husband Mildred have double zine packs available to purchase only at POW (sorry no online option) and those are the last batch of those zines, get them while they last.

high in the bay!

very excited of having my art side by side with artists i admire so much, pretty cool!


can you spot the amazing original kelsey brookes on the side? (stay tuned for a post only about the amazing art i saw there!)


Photos of the installation on the works by the adorable Tasha, thanks girl!

rise and grind

couldn't stop this rain

my little corner of the world

The cult of aloneness

stay tuned for more, part 2 coming up soon.



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