Yo, got a big post about my trip to London and my installation at POW up on FECAL FACE, woohoo. thanks John!

my fav photo of all is this one

flowers are cool. i like the fake plastic ones too.

mannequins are awesome, i wish i had those to draw on

mr. 4 fingers

family rulez

sam and rosa

sam sammons and dora

london, summertime, picnic, magners, bbq=you guys are too cool!

Pat Pisanelli

have you check out the post on Fecal Face yet? many pics of the originals i saw there, between some mind blowing Date Farmers to the amazing Ian Stevenson, Dran, and many more

Date Farmers (available at POW)

and back to the wessssiiiiiidddddddeeeeee

just finished a new piece with tiny details, will post about it soon.





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