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finish this piece last night, STAY RAW


acrylics, india ink, tea on wood panel, 12×16 inches, 2011


Don’t cry tomorrow’s tears, enjoy BIG SALE now!

Sale @ HIgh in the bay!

Pssssst, there a sweet sale at High in the Bay from today until Jan 01. Use the code BIGSALE on checkout. Spread the word!! :)

postcard series

John Waters homage

acrylics on postcard


New prints @ POW (UK)

I have 2 new prints available at the always awesome Pictures on Walls (UK), check it out.

it’s a small edition, get yours here!

painting mugs for fun

i painted a bunch of mugs the other night

i’m making my new zine, very slowly, gathering material and all that stuff.

screen print and acilyc on canvas board

the magnetic fields have a new album coming up so there’s hope at least for something sad and beautiful coming up next year. and they’ll be on tour, oh yeah

collab stickers with milly

far away friends always represent and support us, thanks guys!

ciao for now!


air head

two cool things i absolutely forgot to post, the video walk through the dream team show. it’s a quick one and it goes like this

and a link to a Q+A gonzo did with me and milly for soma magazine. it’s in portuguese though.

oh yeah, there’s new prints coming up through POW this week. stay tuned!

Post It show @ Giant Robot LA* open tomorrow

every year the greats mark todd and esther pearl watson curate a post it show at giant robot in los angeles. tomorrow is the opening for this year’s edition so if you’re in the area i highly recommend you to go check it out in person and early!

i’m not gonna mention every awesome artists in the show cause it’s too many

mark installing the show

i made a few post its for the show

doo wopping * dream team on fecal face part 1 and 2

i don’t think i posted pics of this piece i did with milly, it’s called “doo wopping through the hard times”, 18×24″ ink, gesso and acrylic on wood panel it was on the Dream Team show at Choque Cultural Gallery. By the way, there’s a BUNCH of photos of the trip to Brasil and the art show featured on FECAL FACE. Thanks John! check it out, part 1 and part 2.

my wall


High in the Bay is back!

we’re adding new stuff almost everyday and there’s some real deals there if i may say it. and all the orders now come with free stuff, YES FREE :)

pillow case pack + zine, poster and stickers

to all the dreamers out there

wesside dreams

i had a couple days to screen print some stuff in sao paulo using my old screens, so no new drawings but still was fun printing freestyle.

made some baby pillow cases too cause they are too cute, collab with milly.

and they come in a sweet package

shitface shirt

like the cover of the sold out shitface zine

oh yeah, this shirt comes in a pack like this (down) with stickers and a poster!

also we brought some new screen to print at home in san francisco, the BeavBart shirt is one of them. Pretty cool, huh? by Mildred

double zine pack

the double zine pack is available at high in the bay or at POW in london (UK)

and sometimes we like to get weird,

the tide is high pack

all of our friends (almost) are having babies, so

i made a pack with my friend tati, check it out! we’re selling a bunch of cute little purses, brooches, keychains, wallets and pencil cases that she makes, they are adorable! directly from sao paulo, brasil

the tree trunk pencil case is so cool

i learned from a friend that you’re only independent for real when you know how to make your favorite drink fabulously at home so, ta-da! bloody mary party!!!