Monthly Archives: January 2012


I’ve been working on a few different things right now, i’m making a new zine. I’m supersticious and don’t like much to post stuff before it’s done, but here’s a sneak peak of a few drawings. Oh, the joys of self publishing…

Oh Dusty

Me and Milly are making new packs of goodies to send to a dream place i’ll tell you more very soon. I’m so excited about it!

I love sending out my art to a place i always wanted to go.

We’re re-doing some stuff at High in the Bay, there’s some sweet sales going on, check it out!

<3 from our friends and customers


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Dream On Drive-In

Dream On Drive-In, 11x14 inches, acrylic, india ink and tea on wood panel, 2012

Just finish this piece and it’s available. Hit me up if you’re interested!

I found this weird video of me painting at Choque a few months ago

i get real cool stuff in the mail, i got this zine from FR and i love it so much i feel like sharing with the world, more pics on my flickr

i like to make stickers to warm up

Getting confused in Santa Cruz

New painting in the works, this one and a couple other ones i’ll post later.  I’ve been focusing on good stuff and being productive. There’s hope you know, The Magnetic Fields are releasing a new album and going on tour and that makes my heart smile. Good things you know, good things. Abs Fabs is back and that’s sickening! And Ru Paul’s Drag Race will be back soon! And i LOVE painting and watching it over and over again.

sneak peak

I’ve been listening a lot to My Dirty Fingers. I’ve always loved Adriano’s solo projects and this time it’s hot! I absolutely love it and can’t stop listening over and over! And he told me he’s releasing a solo album this year, so THERE! More good news! See, i told you this year would be cool!!