It’s such a nice surprise when somebody tells me they wanna get one my drawings tattooed. They told me and they actually did it! Wow! It makes me blush.

Sabine a young artist from Frankfurt (Germany) got the fortune cookie (from Shitface zine) tattooed on her arm! And she also got this one

We do live in a weird world it’s always good to remember that. I think it’s lovely of her.

Rafa got the cat on his arm, L’Americaz most wanted you might have seen him in a shirt before.

Mottinha and his friend turned up the upside down cross and got it tattooed too.

oh you guys :)


2 responses to “Tattoos

  1. pacolli! é sempre um prazer visitar o seu blog. estou em são paulo e ontem a noite na mercearia estava um miudo com uma tshirt sua!
    O que me aconselha fazer aqui na sua cidade (que é linda by the way)??

  2. obrigado querida! me manda seu email q eu te passo umas dicas! beijos

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