What’s up

I’ve been working lately on a few different projects, just finished a sticker and t-shirt design to one of my favorite bands ever! I don’t think i should post it before they do it but i can say i put my heart on it big time and i’m happy about it! I also sent some art for a typography book coming up soon. And have another commission in the works. For now i can share some pieces i don’t think i posted here before

Misfortune Cookie Prize

Born with the Blues

I think this one (up) is still available at Choque Cultural in Brasil, it has a fancy pretty frame too.

I painted this ashtray the other night, it’s available at the one and only High in the Bay.

What else is new? Hmm i spotted some of my pieces on the personal collection of the great artist and dear friend of mine Stephan Doitschinoff :) There’s a Mildred’s print there too. I can’t get enough of Stephan’s art, always so inspiring!

He also sent me a link to an interview from back in the days that’s pretty cool (in portuguese only) for Mtv Brasil wearing a shirt i screen printed for him, enjoy!

Last but not least, i’m participating in an awesome group show coming up at FFDG aka Fecal Face Gallery, yay! I’ll post the flyer here when i get it, the name of the show is inspired by a smoke shop sign in the Mission and it’s called “Cigarettes, Phone Cards & Hip Hop Clothing” i love the name of the show and i’m so excited for it. It opens on 4/20 how perfect is that for a celebration?!


One response to “What’s up

  1. Stephan is so hot and cute, do you know where he goes out in Sao Paolo?

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