Monthly Archives: June 2012

When the world bites…

8×10″, glitter scratchboard


Stinckers # 03

Here’s my new Stinckers sheet! Yay! Mats did a great job screen printing them and they’re available at the Stinckers Etsy and at High in The Bay. Will be available soon at the Stinckers Machines spreaded around the country.

i recently finished this piece. 8×10, india ink, acrylic and black tea on wood panel.

Turn Up, Tune In and Drop Out

New STINCKERS sheet inspired on my teenage years, Timothy Leary and psychedelic dreams. Will be available soon!

Porcelain Sale

Sale! Sale! Sale!


This is a collab with my friend photographer Fabio Motta, the first one of a serie.


“monster in me” 8×10″, hand drawn mini stickers on panel

Working on a few pieces for the monster show in LA

close up

How we feel by the end of the night

Cigarettes is an indie rock band from my friend Marcelo Colares, i drew some stuff for his merch, check it out


Jana listening to Cigarettes new album and rocking the shirt i made :)

one of the many pages of my sketchbook with little drawings i made listening to the album (best thing about making the art was listening to the album in advance). By the way, you can buy the album here.

Here’s Marcelo playing (spoted an old sticker i screen printed on his guitar)

I always remember after the 1st Sonic Youth concert in Sao Paulo my friends and I headed to my dad’s place (he was out of town, and my bedroom back then had 2 drum sets and all my friend’s music equipment) and we had a blast playing old Cigarettes songs until the sun came up! Spencer, Pedro and Geno were there and they made the awesome videos i’m sharing here.

I also got a special birthday gift from Geno: a footage of Cigarettes playing in SP and my friends having a blast, i play it here and it feels like i’m there! And Pedro recorded and sent me a sweet version of “Beauty of the day” (which he also played at one of my art shows and made me weep). Friends rule! <3