Monthly Archives: September 2012


High in the Bay and Bendgy are the same thing, except Bendgy is older and it is not online stuff it’s real life fun! With live music and drinks!

If you are in São Paulo and wanna have some fun come to Bendgy saturday. I brought a bunch of awesome zines, shirts, posters, porcelains and other goodies. See you there!


Rocky Road

new collab with milly! india ink, acrylics, gesso on wood panel, 6×6″, available.



The Power of Love

another 6×6″ wood panel. available.


Sogni D’Oro

the truth is that i’ve been drawing like there’s no tomorrow. another 6×6″ piece on wood panel.

The Stinckers machine is at the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles, wow! Pretty sweet!


Your heart fits just like a glove

i’ve been painting small wood panels like these one. the colors came out just right, oh i love wood panels.

i am waiting for this wave of pas de chance to pass through. this one (up) is a screen printed and original painting on canvas. i can’t wait to get back to my old screens and make new ones and screen print like the good old times.


Got some buttons made and i’m sending a free button with every purchase at High in the Bay. Last week to get it before we go on vacation mode for a month!

Milly and i made button packs together.

Black and white

I’ve been working a lot recently only with black and white mostly because of my zine. I drew this for an upcoming show in Glasgow at the lovely Good Press.

Good Company

Hey LA folks, stop by Meltdown Comics and waste that laundry money on some STINCKERS! My lucky Stinckers are in such good company it makes me blush, Daniel Clowes, Steven Weissman, Mats!? and me!

Mind the Shade and Watch the T


Summer fun with the Beach Boys on

working on a new zine, coming soon!