Portraits to Absolut Nightbirds

When i was invited for this project, the first thing i said was “Can i pick who i will portrait?” cause i knew who i wanted from the beginning. They invited artists to portrait hosts and hostess from Sao Paulo nightclubs, and even though i might not remember everything, i used to go out at night a lot. So i picked my beloved friends: Michael Love (my movie star, my personal Diva <3), Alisson Gothz (my eternal evil stepmother, also a star and featured on the movie) and Jota Jota Davis (dear friend that even though i bothered him so much at the the door at Torre do Dr Zero, he is still my friend!). Anyway, here are the portraits

Michael Love

The movie i made with my friends and we had the blast of the century is this one

It was totally no budget, Thee Butchers Orchestra made a concert to raise money so we could afford gas, i only made this movie because Ru Paul (yes THE RU PAUL) told me to ( i emailed him back in 2001 and wrote my heart out telling the plot of the movie and asked: “Do you think i should do this? Is this dumb?” and he replied saying “Do it! Absolutely!! The most important thing in life is following our dreams” or something like that. Too amazing! I’ll make a post about the movie one of these days, it’s been 10 years and we don’t look a day older!

Alisson Gothz

I used to go to A Loka to see Alisson Gothz performances every sunday! I have learned so much from him and his references to amazing artists. I’ll never forget when he said he would do the movie, i was hysterical! His portrait was inspired on a photo my darling friend Fabio da Motta took of Alisson a few years ago. I love it!

Jota Jota Davis

Jota Jota has so many looks it was a hard one to pick. I love his energy and i think he glows that’s why i drew him like this. Always shining!


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