to inquire prices, hi res images, commissions and commercial work, etc write to:  pacolli (at) gmail.com

for zines, shirts, stickers and other goodies go to High In the Bay

Here’s a short and sweet interview with me (2010)



August 8th – SF Mixtape – group show curated by The Last Cat @ 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco (CA)

Group show @ Adobe Books curated by Wallspace, San Francisco (CA)

December 2014 – Group show @ Empire Seven Studios, San Jose (CA)


“Post-It Show” @ Giant Robot LA, curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson (December, 2013)

“Best in Show” group show at Double Punch in San Francisco curated by Alison Dubois (November, 2013)

– Fundraising show for a cat with cancer in San Francisco (September, 2013)

– Bendgy Pop Up Show @ True Love Tatttoo, Sao Paulo Brasil (October, 2013)

–  “Tonight we fight” @ New Image Art Gallery in LA  curated by Luke Pelletier (June, 2013)

– Needles and Pens 10 year anniversary group show at Luggage Store Gallery in San Francisco (May, 2013)


  • Post-It show at Giant Robot, Los Angeles (December 2012)
  •  Group show @ Think Tank (LA) opens July 12th
  • Group show @ Good Press Gallery (Glasgow, UK), September
  • “Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing” group show curated by John Trippe @ FFDG (aka Fecal Face Gallery) San Francisco, CA (April 20th-May 12th)


  • “Post It Show 7” curated by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, Giant Robot (Los Angeles, CA-USA)
  •  “Dream Team” curated by Pacolli + installation with Mildred, Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
  •  “All the umbrellas in London” mini solo show @ Pictures On Walls (London, UK)
  •  “Lady Comix Art” curated by Esther Pearl Watson, Webb Gallery (Waxahachie,TX- USA )
  •  “Monster Show 6” Domy (Houston, TX- USA)
  • “Sharing”, Wonder Fair Gallery (Lawrence,KA USA)
  • “Here We Go” + installation,  Lopo Gallery (San Francisco,CA- USA)
  •  “Coletiva 2011” + site specific, Choque Cultural Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Foreign Affairs”, AR4T Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA – USA)
  • “Speaking in Puns” Wix Gallery (San Francisco,CA- USA)
  • “Happily Ever After”, Together Gallery (Portland, OR)
  • “Force Fields”, The Church (San Monica,CA)
  • “Family Quilt 3”, Together Gallery (Portland,OR )


  • “We Ride At Night” curated by Jason Vivona, Heist Gallery (San Francisco, CA-USA)
  • “SPXSF” curated by Pacolli + installation, Needles and Pens (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Day and Night”, Lower Haters (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Hello Sweden”, Krets Gallery (Malmo, Sweden)
  • “We Are Us” duo show with Mildred, Lower Haters (San Francisco, CA)
  • “111”, 111 Minna (San Francisco, CA)
  • “Volcom Featured Artists”, +Soma (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Post It Show 6” curated by Esther Pearl Watson and Mark Todd, Giant Robot (Los Angeles, CA- USA)


  • “MDC Lab#01” + site specific, curated by Stephan Doitschinoff (São Paulo, Brazil)
  • “Art Trek 6” curated by Ephameron, Galerie Mekanik (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • “Human Pyramids” curated by Hovin Hang, Ghetto Gloss (Los Angeles, CA- USA)


  • “Sarah Magazine exhibit and auction” curated by Ephameron, Action Fields (Brussels, Belgium)
  • “The 85 cat fundraiser”, 85 Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium)


  • “Fashion Show” , 85 Gallery (Antwerp, Belgium)
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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. nIce work, you met my friend billy the other week. He told me about your stuff, very NICE!

  3. Thank for the link Pacolli!

  4. absolutely great! :)

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