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Ladies in Comix @ Webb Gallery * Stinckers @ Atomic Books!! * and more

Esther Pearl Watson is such an awesome artist and curator, i’m always impressed of the amount of work and projects she’s involved and it’s very inspiring to me. Besides having an artist curating a show is so refreshing, and being in a show curated by one of my favorite artists is very special.

The show opens in July 30th @ Webb Gallery (Waxahachie, TX) and check out the awesome line up:

Talking about comics and awesomeness The Great Stinckers Machine found another home and this time is Atomic Books in Baltimore! Yes, The Atomic Books, the only place in the world you can send fan mail to Mr. John Waters! Isn’t it perfect? I think so, very perfect indeed! We should start a John Waters + STINCKERS collab on the next edition for some smelly, stincky stickers like the Polyester Stincking Sheet you scratch during the movie, i still have mine!

Oh yeah, and a little HIGH IN THE BAY update, Mildred painted some Toms Shoes and they look awesome, get it girls!

Mildred's Painted Toms Shoes


extra goodie for my buddy diego medina

gotta go back to work, got 6000 round stickers in the mail. may the obsessive work begin. ciao!






ashamed of the human kind

that came from this

i love the make-up, ian svenonius is cool. he said something funny on youtube while i was drawing this.

i have been dividing my time in making art and with a curatorial project that is fucking amazing, i’m very proud and happy with the team. my heart is in this project and you’ll know more about it soon.

mega pack available at high in the bay

High in the Bay is all about friends making shit together, this time we made  a sweet FAT pack. Contains: 1 zine (the last chance kids, published by our beloved Volcom Brasil), 1 doubled sided full color poster (also published by Volcom Brasil), 1 music CD from the one girl rock band Repentina, and a whole bunch of handmade (a lot), vinyl, screen printed stickers from me and my husband Mr Mildred.

click here for more infos

oh yeah, hang on. there’s some ORIGINAL paintings by Mildred at the shop too

I love this piece, looks amazing in real life and it’s framed.

The cool guy shirts are still available, get yours while you can!

check out some of Mc Marechal, real brazillian rap



sketchbook video

another sketchbook video…

and here’s when we don’t talk about it.




i think it’s as hard to be a comic book artist as much as it is to be a comic book shop owner. there’s something that keep us all going on and it’s the love for comics. yesterday i heard the news that Comic Relief in Berkeley was closed. and i know that my buddy Al was struggling to pay the rent on market st, and man, it’s expensive to have whatever place in san francisco. it’s outta hand! He has the shop for 21 years already and now there’s a risk of losing it.

anyway, what i’m trying to say is GO TO AL’S COMICS TODAY AND BUY COMICS! he’s having a big sale and he has a bunch of real sweet comics there. i don’t know much about super heroes comics but i guarantee that he has fantagraphics classics and rarities. r.crumb, dan clowes, peter bagge (i even found there the 7″ from the Action Suits aka Peter Bagge’s band).

go to his ebay store to support too!

al is the first friend i made in san francisco. he rules!! please support :)



ain’t talking about love

aidan moffat always release amazing records in beautiful editions on valentine’s day. i always get myself one, it became a tradition. and i love it. so i decided to make myself something inspired, a lover’s pack and a misery pack for valentine’s day.

* The Last Chance Kids zine published by Volcom, 40 pages of color explosions and Love in America!
* Double sided poster “love without devotion, not for me” and i bet you got some devotion going on. you’d better! the other side you can put on if one day your love dies. shhh
* 1 very tacky card, huge thing saying I LOVE YOU when you open it’s written “yes, you.”
* 1 postcard “I (lovesick) you”
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors)
* bunch of hand drawn stickers . i even painted a wall for you to draw the heart w/ your initials.

*comes with a link to download a mixtape of love and devotion

i am pro post romance. i truly believe in it. i made a misery pack and it comes with sweet stuff.

my theory is whatever is going on you gotta have some class, so enjoy the misery with style. there’s million things that are very enjoyable when you’re miserable.

the misery pack contains:

* The Last Chance Kids zine, 40 pages, full color, lost in america
* Double sided poster “love without devotion – not for me” and the other side is full of misery too. it all depend on your point of view
* 6 STINCKERS! (screenprinted stickers, 2 colors) with hopeless messages
* 2 postcards that i drew specially for you
* bunch of hand drawn stickers

& comes with a link to download a miserable mixtape.




frankie lymon

i am so excited about the show in sao paulo in march at choque cultural gallery. dude, hometown!! local! pinheiros! all the homies! haha i really wanna make my best show so far. and i’ve been working hard.

the frankie lymon portrait was so much fun to make, listening to him singing all day, all night!

the sketch i did first. i like cause you can see the T from The Teenagers.  i want a sweater like this, im gonna make myself one.

did you ever played the game “Pretend you’re in a John Waters movie”? i do it all the time.

Collab piece with my beloved husband Mildred

boteco do elvis, sao paulo, pinheiros. back in the days.

this bar doesn’t exist anymore, the owner was obsessed with elvis as you can notice.

it was trashy and i loved it. cheap beer and never crowded.

it was near the Big Small pool bar, for real. that place might still exist. i like to think it’s a homage misunderstood to Biggie but who knows.

Flashback on Haight St X San Francisco, Biaaattccchh

i’ve been drawing on postcards just for the hell of it, people don’t even send real mail anyway (except for european or LA friends that rule, thanks)

I have 2 postcards available at the shop, “Flashback on Haight St” – a true story you won’t ever know –  and “San Francisco, Biaaaaatttcccchhh” you know what i’m taking about.



silvio santos used to be the big boss of brazil man, seriously. i used to work on his channel and on his favorite show, the brazilian version of “who wants to be a millionaire”. my job was make questions for the show, fo real.  he wears a microphone that looks like an airplane. i got fired from the job after 2 years haha all politics as everything on tv. that’s all for today.



the ronettes are so cool i run home sometimes just to watch their videos over and over again. fin.