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Stepping into a new world of colors and feelings, experimenting is existing




July is here!

a wish: boom boom kid playing the chantels “maybe”

Let yourself go

new shiny painting just for practice

the hive dwellers played and amazing concert last night, too bad the crowd in san francisco is so uptight. if it was up to me venues would have a sign outside “dance and let go or get out” ha! just kidding but seriously, people here tend to take awesome stuff for granted.

i’ll keep this forever <3

best dance moves goes to mr calvin johnson!


Be for real

“Be for real” ,mixed media (screen print, india ink and acrylic paint) on bristol paper, 8×10 inches, framed, signed, 2013 – available

I’m obsessed with the version of “Be for real” by The Afghan Whigs originally written by Frederick Knight (which i’m also obsessed about). It’s a beautiful, soulful song! Anyway, that’s the soundtrack of this painting. I could not find it online except on Leonard’s Cohen’s voice but then it’s not what this painting is all about. It had to be with Greg Dulli singing it!

This piece is available through High in the Bay.



heavenly nice

back in 1999-2000 i used to play in a band with the best friends a girl can have! pedro, ronaldo and me used to play all day and all night at my dad’s place in my old bedroom.

this drawing is from that time! it brings back sweet memories.

pedro’s studio (2012)

i guess we never really stopped playing together, long year breaks maybe but still as much fun!

at pedro’s studio 2012



2 Nights and a Morning with The Afghan Whigs

This made me SO VERY VERY happy! Fuck! Life is good!

Both nights at the Fillmore were amazing, but damn Greg Dulli was on fire the second night.





♥ obsession


Free Calendar

I make my own calendars since i worked on Mtv Brasil many years ago. It’s a way to keep me a little organized and since then my friends always asked for a copy so they could use too. So as a tradition i still share the calendars, get yours here.

Have a magical month!

What’s going on

New sale going on, this time all the handmade goodies from Tati Schmidt are 20% off until the end of May. Best pencil cases ever, that’s all i have to say.

Talking about May, i made a new calendar

Sent more shirts to Good Press Gallery in Glasgow ’cause they are awesome!

This out of print zine by Mildred is available at High in the Bay, one available!

Added to the shop more baby onesies and shirts.

did some quality reading

walked around and saw cool old cars

saw original drawings and paintings by one of my favorite artists of all times

Dan Clowes Forever!

and that was enough to make me overwhelmed for weeks until my next visit to the Oakland Museum to check the show again.

Last night i saw The Wave Pictures playing and it was amazing, heartfelt, powerful and very inspiring! I was waiting for this concert for too long, i can’t already wait to see them playing again <3