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How we feel by the end of the night

Cigarettes is an indie rock band from my friend Marcelo Colares, i drew some stuff for his merch, check it out


Jana listening to Cigarettes new album and rocking the shirt i made :)

one of the many pages of my sketchbook with little drawings i made listening to the album (best thing about making the art was listening to the album in advance). By the way, you can buy the album here.

Here’s Marcelo playing (spoted an old sticker i screen printed on his guitar)

I always remember after the 1st Sonic Youth concert in Sao Paulo my friends and I headed to my dad’s place (he was out of town, and my bedroom back then had 2 drum sets and all my friend’s music equipment) and we had a blast playing old Cigarettes songs until the sun came up! Spencer, Pedro and Geno were there and they made the awesome videos i’m sharing here.

I also got a special birthday gift from Geno: a footage of Cigarettes playing in SP and my friends having a blast, i play it here and it feels like i’m there! And Pedro recorded and sent me a sweet version of “Beauty of the day” (which he also played at one of my art shows and made me weep). Friends rule! <3


eu tenho um cachorro chamado saudade

par Toni

drew this to my friend toni, inspired on his tune “cachorro saudade” you can listen here.

one of these days we’re gonna release his album on vinyl and i’ll be in charge of the lettering and design. toni is endlessly talented. i miss my friends.



MTV 1000 desenhos

really proud of being in this project with people i always admired, carlos issa aka OA is the dude! for real! he’s responsible for making this sweet interventions at MTV Brasil. he played at my apartment living room in Sao Paulo a few years ago, like you can see here

my friends rule! i miss getting everybody together at home chillin listening to great artists playing there in the living room. very special times!

yo la tengo

lil homage to yo la tengo

i finally got to see yo la tengo play again after 9 years. and man, 9 years is too much to spend without a yo la tengo concert. seriously! it was one of those nights you’re never gonna forget, being in a room with 3 of the masters of the universe in making great music playing live! for 2 hours! it felt so lucky to be there!  the set list was killer, blue line swinger long version is like the best drug i’ve ever had. i felt like dying in a good way! and double dare, omg! i’m not gonna comment every song but it’s been playing in loop in my head since then. they played the whole of the law! ok, i’ll stop! go see yo la tengo play live, or else ur not gonna be happy when you die! :)

you shouldn’t look through this blog without listening to music

have a good one :)

* boom boom kid @ bendgy * <3

photo: daigo oliva , flyer by me

i’m more than honored to have my friends from argentina playing at my house again! it’s like the coolest thing since i came back to sao paulo. this is probably one of the last concerts i’m organizing there this year and maybe in a long time, well who knows… but anyway, it’s gonna be powerful! :)


lo-fi is the right fi

drawing by owen

you’re never alone if you have this: casiotone for the painfully alone playing songs on the phone

some whiskey and some callahan

last year i had the luck to see bill callahan playing in sao paulo. the bad thing it was in a shitty club called studio sp where people don’t go to watch the concert they go to talk loud. it was heartbreaking. bill wasn’t like in this video, the vibe was darker and it was so beautiful! i made a video. anyway, it’s just cause i was having some whiskey, listening to smog and drawing. always a good company!

Boom Boom Kid touring the wesssside

boom boom kid

photo: daigo oliva

hey hey californians, my friend’s band Boom Boom Kid from Argentina is touring there and then around the west coast. They played at my place in Sao Paulo a few months ago, it was epic! I’m very proud to support them ’cause besides being a great band they are sweeet people, hard workers and inspire me to always keep going ’cause the scene is yours to make it!

Go to their shows! If i was there i would ;-)

super magnetism flowing free

i totally believe in super powers. i’m guided by the vibes that inspire me, i’m the kind of person who travels alone a thousand miles to a concert. music makes me want to get my lazy ass of the chair and go, i’m very lucky  for all the concerts i have seen already.

this time i went to brussels for the casiotone for the painfully alone concert, it was in a lovely place by the canal called la compilotheque. i found out that this place is like the vendinha aka bendgy aka the “party” i organize monthly in sao paulo. it’s crazy, the concert i came to see brought me to the people i needed to meet in brussels. just all the right people :)

the vibe was really nice, people were friendly and the sun was still on until almost 10pm. it’s summer alright, i’m having my second summer this year (it’s winter in brazil now and i’m in europe) maybe it’s because last year i had two winters. anyway, i was thrilled to be there. i made fan art to hand it to owen aka cftpa, i had screenprinted a casiotone sk-1 back in 2006 to give to him in a concert in france  i ended up not being able to go but i kept it for all this years and before leaving my apartment in sao paulo i knew about it. i knew i was going to brussels alone to see cftpa, it was something that kept me going. motivation and magnetism!

the concert was amazing, much more than i expected! i was emotional, i think everyone got emotional there too. and this is europe i haven’t seen much people showing their feelings that much. somehow everything made sense, this crazy long trip alone made so much sense! i’m no good with words, i can’t put it how special it was. i made some videos though…

there’s more of these special moments on my youtube.  long life to la compilotheque! long life for the painfully alone! <3