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New piece

I made it specially to a dear friend

8×8″mixed media, 2014




I still can’t believe it, this is very sad. A great friend and a brilliant artist. His drawings and paintings always made me smile since fotolog times. Last time i talked to him we were planning to go to Sao Paulo and paint. He was gonna be on the dream team show i curated but at the end he couldn’t, i know he’ll always be on my personal dream team forever.

Huge influence, master of colors and king of stylez! You’ll live forever in our hearts, my friend!

Lucky charms on my pencil case, TVRBO and LL Cool Jo.

More about Tvrbolini here and  Tuon Magazine.



os mutantes

this is noamigoland. saudades dos meus amigos. precisava de um agora.

SP/SF @ Needles & Pens * May, 22



i’m curating this brazilian art group show at needles and pens this month. yeah! may 22nd, i’ll post news soon!


we tv party at night

don't eyeball me, chimmichanga


oh word

oh word

i did this mixed media thing a year ago, dunno why i never posted but here it is. it’s available. fancy double frame with matte fancy museum glass. i know! haha well this piece it’s gonna be in the art show WE RIDE AT NIGHT at heist gallery, san francisco. april 3rd is the opening you should come, there’s a lot of great artists on this show it’s gonna be fun!

we ride at night art show @ heist gallery april 3rd, 2010

make your decisions when you’re calm

“if every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right”. still trying to figure out what to do…

new zine available

this is shitface, my new zine. i made this video so you can have a quick look ;)

200 copies made, 28 pages of pure randomness, black and white magic, signed and numbered, screen printed covers by myself

$6 + shipping, paypal only.


sit me down, shut me up, tell me ten things i don’t already know and make me laugh

i used to be the kind of person who goes on bad dates for the material, just for the trash material of ordinary random life. and it was addicting i got a bunch of crap to draw about later. the thing is, life is kinda more important than zines and sketchbooks with weird funny depressing hater stories, sometimes you want the real shit! and sometimes you don’t have to go through stuff yourself cause you can relate to other people’s shit in life. sometimes i go for stephin merritt, aidan moffatt, larry david, harvey pekar, peter bagge, but tonite it’s henry rollins! yeahhh!