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Cigarettes, Phone Cards and Hip Hop Clothing @ FFDG

Here’s some photos of the artwork in the show @ Fecal Face Gallery. My buddy Mike posted all the photos at the Vans Art Blog, check it out! For pricing and availability, email info(at)ffdg.net

"The Revenge of the Real" Pacolli

For a better view of this piece click here.

Kelsey Brookes

Ryan Travis Christian

Scott Greenwalt


Mildred details

the crowd

more crowd


*the day after 420* or *20 zine packs*

hope y’all had a nice day yesterday. mine was pretty good. modern times are crazy, we were chillin’ doodlin’ and listening to live dj set by snoop dogg, and he was on his webcam! kinda weird but it was fun! sweet tunes!

me and mildred made 20 zine packs containing 2 zines, 1 postcard and a bunch of stickers (handmade, screen printed and vinyl). we made some stencils for the tags.

and i only have very few copies of SPXSF and i highly recommend you to get yourself a copy before it’s too late.

and some RIFF RAFF zine, here featured on your favorite local website -> fecal face, of course!

and running out of copies of shitface, get yours or wave bye bye. oh yeah these packs will be shipping tomorrow to mother england, so london friends, hooray!

happy 420 everyday dear readers!