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Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi



The last BENDGY of the year!

That’s right! We’re screen printing a whole new serie of one of a kind t-shirts!

Ultima chamada Brasil ;-)

Bendgy @ Caos – Photos

Bendgy at Caos was AWESOME!! We’ve been so busy screen printing every night and making new screens, testing new colors and it’s all so much fun. We love sharing it all with you guys at Bendgys <3

Carrô and I showing some of the goodies.

Obrigado a todo mundo que foi no sábado!!


Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo

I’m in Brazil already getting ready to the first party this saturday at the very awesome True Love Tattoo Studio! We’re putting together an art show with Edgar de Camargo, Mildred, Danielone, Mats Stromberg , Crew from True Love Tattoo and me.

Besides that I’m screen printing new t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, prints and a limited edition sketchbook. That’s right! Can’t wait for saturday! Te vejo lá!

Bendgy @ Choque * or a post to my friends


bendgy is the name of the zine art sale diy+concerts i used to organize first in my apartment and then friends place, dad’s place, etc in sao paulo back in the days. it’s actually what high in the bay would be if we had concerts. anyway..

hey man!

the weather was too nice to just have a zine sale, they’re always boring without music so i invited my friends repentina, charllote’s suit and my husband milly to play at the basement of the gallery saturday afternoon, it was so much fun!


i don’t know how many times repentina played at bendgy, but we can’t get enough! and i love some tricks to create a tripod with a ladder!

charllote's cachallote

my old band mate pedro and his one man band charllote’s suit played classic 90’s sweet indie rock. a cover of cigarettes‘s beauty of the day was the tearjerker moment of the afternoon.

jaca and thais are one of my favorite all time artists and people and they showed up, awesome! and me getting some repentina love.

friends are awesome

i’ve seen so many of you guys since day 01 concert in my apartment, you guys are too cool :)

mottinha flew to SP to hang out :)

my darling friend luzia and me

and milly played his very 1st concert that day, it was sweeeeet

little tosco show @ bendgy, choque cultural

our friend flavia rocking milly’s shirt

thanks to everyone that showed up, we had a blast! thanks choque crew!