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Pra alegrar meu dia

I made a poster for the adorable and sweet Tiê! 2 color risograph, A3

It’s available at her concerts and will soon be available online, i’ll keep you guys posted.


Available Art

Got a couple pieces back from a show and they are available, contact me for pricing if you feel so inclined ;-)

“Brick Dog” 6×8″ , mixed media on Bristol paper, framed 2013

“Dog Eat Dog” 8×8″ mixed media on wood panel, 2013


Tiger Tattoo

OMG! My dear friend Rafa got my tiger tattooed! It’s his first tattoo ever <3


Instagram + Tumblr

Just thought i’d keep you guys posted, I’ve been updating almost daily my tumblr (it will be soon my .com) and my instagram account so, check them out!

Positive New Waves

Sweatshirt, Perfume and Post Its

Bundle up in one of our – one of a kind – sweatshirts! Available at High in the Bay.

Melissa made a perfume and chose one of my stickers as a label, i loved it!!!

This time of the year, classic and awesome mind-blowing show curated by the greatests Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson @ Giant Robot in Los Angeles! I submitted 6 post-its and have seen amazing ones from other artists. Wish i was in LA for this, if you’re in LA you should definitely go!


“Best in Show” @ Double Punch (San Francisco,CA)

“Best in Show” is a great group show featuring dogs! Alison Dubois curated this cool show with awesome artwork, the opening was packed and i had a blast checking out everybody’s dogs.

The show will be on for at least 2 more months so hey, if you’re in San Francisco go check it out at Double Punch!


High in the Bay is back! With new Sweatshirts!!!

Collab Freestyle one of a kind sweatshirt with the new designs!

Available at High in the Bay.


Bendgy @ True Love Tattoo (October, 26th)

Bazar Zumbi


The last BENDGY of the year!

That’s right! We’re screen printing a whole new serie of one of a kind t-shirts!

Ultima chamada Brasil ;-)